Republic of Lebanon Economy Aviation Sector
Lebanon FlagLocation:  Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Israel and Syria. Geography:  Nahr el Litani is the only major river in Near East not crossing an international boundary; rugged terrain historically helped isolate, protect, and develop numerous factional groups based on religion, clan, and ethnicity.
Area:  total: 10,400 sq km, land: 10,230 sq km, water: 170 sq km.

Capital:  Beirut.

Industries: banking, tourism, food processing, wine, jewelry, cement, textiles, mineral and chemical products, wood and furniture products, oil refining, metal fabricating.
Languages:  Arabic (official), French, English, Armenian.

National Holiday:  Independence Day, 22 November (1943).

Population: 4,125,247 (July 2010 est.).

Labor force: 1.481 million In addition, there are as many as 1 million foreign workers (2007 est.)
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