Sudan Airways Current Fleet

 Sudan Airways

IATA Code: SD | ICAO code: SUD | Callsign SUDANAIR

Sudan Airways
Head Quarters Complex
Riadh-Block No. 10, Obeid Khatim Street, P.O.Box 253
Khartoum - Sudan
Tel: 249-11-243738
Fax: 249-11-243717

Ownership: Public Stock company with 70% private investors and 30% Sudan Government. (for details please see below)

Sudan Airways is the national flag carrier of Sudan. It was incorporated under the Companies' Ordinance (1925) Act,  in 1947.

Sudan Airways started with four De Havilland 8 Seater Dove Aircrafts, being the first acquisition of this type in the region  & was the first in Africa to acquire Fokker F27 Turboprop-powered aircraft. A fleet modernization plan was implemented and the Sudan Airways introduced the Boeing 737 and B707 in the 1970s, Fokker 50s in the 1980s and Airbus A310s the 1990s.

AIG and Al-Fayhaa Co. hold a total 70 percent of the capital of Sudan Airways including 21 percent stake for Al-Fayhaa Co. with the remaining 30 percent being owned by the Sudanese government. Founded in 1949, Sudan Airways transformed into a private shareholding company then to a public shareholding legal entity in 2007. Its paid and authorized capital amount are USD 250 million and USD one billion respectively.

On 21 June 2008, Sudan's Civil Aviation Authority issued a directive grounding the entire fleet of Sudan Airways for a month for  non compliance with aviation and operational/administration regulations. Although it stated grounding has nothing to do with Sudan Airways' safety record or the Sudan Airways Flight 109 crash on 10 June 2008.

Also a 2008 report by the U.S. Department of State advised American citizens against flying on Sudanese airlines, citing enforcement of safety standards in the country was "uneven."

Subsequently  on 30 March 2010, the European Union issued a blanket ban all Sudan based airlines from operating into the member states citing "on the basis of safety assessments by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)".

As a response Sudan's acting Civil Aviation Authority director Al-Hafiz Abdullah stated that "there are no EU bound flights operating in Sudan". Abdullah stressed that his agency "adheres to the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and outlined several changes introduced to the structure of the civil aviation administration and boosting budget allocated to air safety".

Sudan Airways is banned to operate in the EU countries subject to the ANNEX A LIST (dated: 21.4.2011)
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Kuwaiti Partner to Pull Out of Sudan Airways
Thursday, September 8, 2011
Sudanese & Kuwaiti media reported the Sudanese Government reached a preliminary agreement to acquire all shares of remaining parties believed to value US Dollars 100 million. Read More