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Damal Airlines

Post Box : 27449, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel : +9714 2715005
Fax : +9714 2720890

The airline, initially with only two Russian made leased aircraft, and operating a weekly flight between Sharjah (UAE) and Bossaso (Somalia), has emerged as an airline that connects Somalia with the rest of the world.  Starting off on a humble way in 1993 with two leased Russian made aircrafts - AN24 and AN32 serving one destination; weekly flight to Bossaso (Somalia) & originating from Sharjah (UAE), Damal Airline today has emerged as a major Airline bridging Somalia with the rest of the world.

Damal Airline was established to improve the regional communications and to ease the business & commercial travels between Somalia, its neighboring countries and around the world as well. It substantially contributed the aviation industry of Somalia, since at the time of its launch there was a desperate need to get air transportation services in the country. It is equally owned by its two working directors namely: Abdi Nur Aden (President) and Khalif Issa Yusuf (Managing Director).
Since then Damal Airline has grown to become a progressing airline with significant scheduled passenger & cargo flights to the major cities of Somalia. Damal Airline is a popular airline amongst the large Somali Diaspora who patronize the airline on regular basis. The professional service, in-flight comfort and impeccable service standards have made Damal Airlines the most frequently used airline by many clients which include many multinational companies, private entities, governmental agencies or simply any business traveler.
Connecting the whole of Somalia with the rest of the world, Damal Airline has regular flights to Middle Eastern points out of Somalia. The points served in Somalia are: Hargeisa Bossaso, Burao, Berbera, Las-anod, Mogadishu, Galkao Borama, Erigavo,etc. Damal Airline flies two flights out of Dubai and Sharjah every week to points in Somalia. The airline has an ambitious plan of spreading its online points to many more destinations within Middle East and Europe. Damal Airline presently has a fleet of five leased aircrafts.
Damal Airline invests considerably on its automation process and boasts of an inhouse reservation system, which is comparable to any other popular GDS available in the industry. Being the only automated office in whole of Somalia, Damal Airline is a one stop center for all its clients.
Damal Airline provides generous grants to socially useful projects, thereby fulfilling the need for social uplift of its countrymen, to the extent possible.
Damal Airline has professional dedicated employees who are committed to meet the needs of its valued customers, and apparently, it considers its employees as one of the companys core values.
Damal Airline is aspiring to achieve constant customer service excellence and to be the premier airline of the Horn of Africa
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