Lebanese Air Force القوات الجوية اللبنانية Current Aircraft Inventory
Aircraft Type In service Notes
Fixed wing Aircraft   
AC-208B Combat Caravan Close air support/Border surveillance 1 2 on order Equipped with MX-15D Camera and Hellfire missiles.
Hawker Hunter Ground attack 4 3 single seaters and 1 two seater back in service. The remaining inactive four are displayed in the Lebanese Air Force Museum at Rayak Air Base
Scottish Aviation Bulldog Trainer 3 Restored in 2010

AB-205/UH-1H Utility/Bomber/Attack helicopter 23 Some with local modifications to carry 250 kg and 400 kg bombs or SNEB Matra 68mm rocket launchers
Aérospatiale SA-342L Gazelle Naval patrol/Battlefield scout/Anti-tank 8 Lebanon signed a contract with Eurotech to revamp and upgrade 13 Gazelles of the original and ex-UAE deliveries.
AgustaWestland AW139 Executive(VIP) VIP transport 1 "Cedar 1" Presidential helicopter.
IAR 330SM / Aérospatiale SA-330 Puma
Utility and transport helicopter 10 7 in storage. Three are ex-UAE IAR-330SM Pumas remaining to be delivered.
Mil Mi-24 Attack-Gunship helicopter 6 6 on order, replacing a previous MiG-29 offer. To be delivered before the end of the year after compelition of the Lebanese pilots training in the Russian Federation
Robinson R44 Trainer/Light utility helicopter 4
Sikorsky S-61N MkII Firefighting/Rescue 3 On behalf of the Ministry of Interior.

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