Kuwait DGCA Grants Approval for Ayla Aviation Academy
Monday, 29 March 2010
Atlantic Flight Training (AFT)  UK, announced that its Jordanian sister school, Ayla Aviation Academy, has obtained Kuwaiti Directorate General of Civil Aviation Affairs (DGCA) approval to jointly train using its Aqaba facility.

Ayla Aviation Academy is currently the only JAA ATPL (A) approved ground school in the Middle East.  Ayla offers an ICAO Jordanian CPL/IR issued by the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC) with Frozen ATPL, an ICAO Jordanian CPL/IR with fully approved JAA ATPL theoretical knowledge with Frozen ATPL, and a joint program with AFT in which cadets can obtain a fully approved JAA license by completing the majority of their training at Ayla and the remainder at AFT.

Ayla Aviation Academy was founded by FTO Holdings in collaboration with AFT in late 2006 and commenced its first ab initio course in April, 2007.  Ayla Aviation Academy’s CEO, Marwan Atalla stated, “Ayla Aviation Academy was founded on the premise of providing advanced and innovative flight training and education based on a JAA syllabus in the region. Now, using both Ayla and AFT, we are able to provide cadets with a fully approved JAA license, making them more marketable and competitive in the global market.”

Source: Ayla Aviation