United Arab Emirates Air Force UAE Navy and Police Air Wings Aircraft Inventory
UAE Air ForceAfter independence of the United Arab Emirates from the United Kingdom on 2nd December 197, the UAE Defence Forces was formed and subsequently the UAE Air Force القوات الجوية الإماراتية was established

Having Headquarters at Bateen AFB, Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates Air Force & Air Defence is based at two commands, located in  Abu Dhabi  and Dubai.

Flight training is conducted at Al Ain Air Base, having Grob G115TAs, Pilatus PC-7s and BAE Hawk for jet with helicopter training on the AS350B Ecureuil and SA342 Gazelle helicopters.

The combat assets (fixed wing and helicopters) are based in Al Dhafra Air Force Base. The transport fleet operates from Bateen Air Force Base

The Central Air Command (Dubai) operates out of three airbases covering the west coast of the United Arab Emirates. The transport fleet flies out of Dubai International Airport, with the flight training conducted with Agusta Bell 206s and Aermacchi MB339s.

Jane's Sentinel Security Assessment - The Gulf States (dated: Aug 08, 2011)

It is well-equipped in terms of advanced multi-role fighters and is set to acquire the capability to undertake long-range precision strike missions as well as engage in beyond-visual-range air-to-air combat.

Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces: Major General Mohammed bin Suweidan Saeed al-Qamzi
Air Force Personnel Strength: 4,500
Inventory Summary:
  • Combat: 143 (total), 130 (in service)
  • Transport: 36 (total), 36 (in service)
  • Helicopters: 183 (total), 166 (in service)
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Civil and Military Airports in the United Arab Emirates

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Name of Airport اسم المطارAirport Details 
Abu Dhabi Bateen Aerodrome
, IATA Code: AZI, ICAO Code: OMAD, 24° 25' 7" North, 54° 27' 5" East
Abu Dhabi International Airport
, IATA Code: AUH, ICAO Code: OMAA, 24° 26' 0" North, 54° 39' 1" East
Abu Dhabi Al Dhafra Air Force Base
, ICAO Code: OMAM, 24° 14' 9" North, 54° 32' 9" East
Dubai Minhad Air Force Base
, ICAO Code: OMDM, 25° 1' 6" North, 55° 22' 0" East
Dubai International Airport
, IATA Code: DXB, ICAO Code: OMDB, 25° 15' 2" North, 55° 21' 9" East
Sharjah International Airport
, IATA Code: SHJ, ICAO Code: OMSJ, 25° 19' 7" North, 55° 31' 0" East
Al Ain International Airport
, IATA Code: AAN, ICAO Code: OMAL, 24° 15' 7" North, 55° 36' 6" East
Ras Al Khaimah International Airport
, IATA Code: RKT, ICAO Code: OMRK, 25° 36' 8" North, 55° 56' 3" East
Fujairah International Airport
, IATA Code: FJR, ICAO Code: OMFJ, 25° 6' 7" North, 56° 19' 4" East

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