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The Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) سلاح الجو الملكي الأردني, Silāḥ ul-Jawu al-Malakī 'al-Urdunī. The weaponry and aircraft consist almost entirely of Western equipment and training.

The first batch of F-5Es arrived 1975, while Shah of Iran donated 31 F-5A's and B's to Jordan  The transport fleet consists of the Air Lift Wing (formed in 1971), the Royal Squadron and Police Wing, individually operate a selection of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. The Air Lift Wing had the initial version of Lockheed C-130Bs entering the service, which was later replace with six Lockheed C130H  and currently remain in active RJAF service. Deemed critical in supporting Jordan's peacekeeping efforts. In 1987 the RJAF received CASA C-101s to replace the T-37 in the training role. 

Following the 1994 Israel-Jordan peace treaty, US donated sixteen F-16 Fighting Falcons. Deliveries commenced in 1997 and completed by 1998. Another seventeen (17) units procured together with six (6) ex-Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16BMs and fourteen (14) ex-Belgian F-16A/B in MLU standard (Mid Life Update). Six ex-Spanish Mirage F1CE/EE aircraft were procured to complement its existing Mirage inventory.

The F-5s should have been officially out of service by 2010, while the F-16MLU and Mirage F1CJ/EJ will remain the RJAF's core combat aircraft. While many sources cite the RJAF is seeking additional  F-16s. 

Program Model Qty. Serials Delivered
Peace Falcon I F-16A (Block 15 ADF) 12 220/231 1997-1998
F-16B (Block 15 ADF) 4 232/235
Peace Falcon II F-16A (Block 15 ADF) 16 671/686 2003
F-16B (Block 15 ADF) 1 670 2003
Peace Falcon III F-16A (Block 20MLU) 12 140/150, 152 2008-2009
F-16B (Block 20MLU) 4 136/139 2008-2009
Peace Falcon IV F-16B (Block 20MLU) 6 133/138 2009
Peace Falcon V F-16A (Block 20MLU) 6 153/158 2011
F-16B (Block 20MLU) 3 159/161 2011

According to Jane's Sentinel Security Assessment - Eastern Mediterranean (dated: Aug 12, 2011) is Royal Jordanian Air Force:

Well-trained for a variety of roles and is believed to have a good standard of adaptability for various tasks. Has suffered from a lack of adequate funding over the years.



Commander of the Air Force: Major General Mansor Al Jobour (since 2013)
Air Force Personnel Strength: 12,000
Inventory Summary:




  • Combat: 101 (total), 83  (in service)
  • Transport: 18 (total), 18 (in service)
  • Helicopters: 82 (total), 82 (in service)


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