Jeddah, Sabre Travel Network Middle East (STNME or Sabre), a technology company serving travel agencies and suppliers, has extended its fare-distribution agreement with Saudia Arabian Airlines (Saudia). The agreement shall permit over 350,000 travel agents connected to Sabre to access Saudia’s seats and fare information.

Saudia also decided to upgrade the level of connectivity with Sabre, according to the airline providing traditional and online travel agencies improved access to fares and inventory.

Daniel Naoumovitch, STNME’s chief executive, said, “Saudia joins the many global airlines in recognising Sabre as an important source of revenue and growth. 
“As host to SkyTeam carriers including Aeroflot, AeroMexico and Vietnam Airlines, Sabre has the knowledge and experience to power Saudia’s successful entry into the alliance. 

Daniel Naoumovitch, CEO, Sabre Travel Network ME 
Daniel Naoumovitch, cieif executive officer,
Sabre Travel Network ME

“This agreement, which includes the future use of EMD* and improved connectivity, gives our agency customers greater choice and relevant content throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and global regions.”  

Abdul Mohsen M Jonaid, Saudia’s vice president for passenger sales, added, “Saudia recognises the value of the Sabre GDS and its innovative leadership in helping airlines market and sell their products to millions of travellers worldwide. 
“As we are on the verge of completing entry to the SkyTeam alliance, the extended agreement to distribute fares through Sabre is an important part of our international growth strategy. 
“Working with Sabre is vital for business in our domestic market, and gives us a global reach that will help drive our business to the next level.” 

Saudia together with 400 airlines have installed Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS) sell to travel agencies. Sabre recently announced agreements with Egyptair and VIM Avia of the Russian Fedration

*Note: An electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) is an industry document type developed by IATA and ATA as the long-term solution for the collection and settlement of ancillary fees via ARC and BSPs. It is an e-ticket for optional services that airlines offer.