Sabena Technics Continues the Technical Support to Afriqiyah Airways
Tuesday, 06 March 2012
Paris, Sabena technics, continues it engineering and maintenance assistance and support to Afriqiyah Airways. Two A330 were  delivered to Sabena technics’ Bordeaux facilities last week for maintenance C checks, modifications & consequent structural repairs resulting from the last hostilities.

Sabena technics’ cooperation with Afriqiyah Airways was renewed in October 2011, being supported from its Monastir, Tunisia and French facilities to ensure the entire fleet, damaged last year reintegrated into operational service.

"A dedicated team of experienced experts has equally been assigned to Tripoli to prepare and execute required tasks, where they are doing a remarkable job" said Christophe Bernardini, CEO of Sabena technics.

Abdulrahman Alshawesh, Engineering & Maintenance  Manager of Afriqiyah Airways added, "I would like to express our thanks to Sabena technics’ team for their professional approach and total support."

Recovery support includes diagnosis, engineering, temporary repairs, logistics, parts & tools procurement, certification issues and other services as dictated by operation requirements.

Sabena technics has also repaired six A320 aircraft, which have been returned into service in Libya, after the completion of a full C check maintenance programs on all the aircraft.

Source: Sabena technics