Amman, Royal Jordanian and King Abdullah II Center for Excellence signed a cooperation agreement today under which Royal Jordanian grants preferential benefits to the award-winning institutions of the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for the private sector.

Amer Hadidi, Royal Jordanian president and chief executive officer and Yasera Ghosheh executive director of the King Abdullah II Center of Excellence signed the agreement for both parties to support and pro mote private sector organizations to deliver the "best products and services". In addition, the agreement aims to encourage the private sector to participate in the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence to apply for the award

Hadidi said: "Royal Jordanian being the first company to give the award-winning private organizations preferential treatment.

"Step stems from the airline’s keenness to support the private sector and encourage it to develop its performance and the application of the standards of excellence."

Ghosheh added: "This move will enhance the center's efforts to get more advantages to the private sector institutions"

King Abdullah II Center for Excellence was founded in January 2006 according to By-law Number (6) of 2006, aiming to promote the culture of excellence in all sectors in order to increase Jordan's international competitiveness.

The award also strive to stimulate the government institutions to adopt scientific measures in planning and implementing its programs and projects for outstanding performance and high transparency.