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Plaestine FlagLocation: Middle East, west of Jordan.

Geography: landlocked; highlands are main recharge area for Israel's coastal aquifers; there are 242 West Bank settlements, and 29 East Jerusalem settlements in addition to at least 20 occupied outposts (August 2005 est.).

Area: total: 5,860 sq km, land: 5,640 sq km, water: 220 sq km.

Capital: Not Available.

Industries: generally small family businesses that produce cement, textiles, soap, olive-wood carvings, and mother-of-pearl souvenirs; the Israelis have established some small-scale, modern industries in the settlements and industrial centers.

Languages: Arabic, Hebrew (spoken by many Palestinians), English (widely understood).

National Holiday: Not Available.

Currency (Code): New Israeli Shekel (ILS); Jordanian dinar (JOD).

Population: 2,611,904, note: in addition, there are about 187,000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank and fewer than 177,000 in East Jerusalem (July 2008 est.).

Labor Force: 605,000 (2006). 

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