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Location: - Located in West Africa on the Atlantic coast, bordered on the north of the Western Sahara, Algeria, Senegal, from the south, and financial support from the east and south.

Geography: - terrain in Mauritania consists mainly of plateaus and plains, Total Area: - 1,030,700 sq km land area: - 1,030,700, an area of water: 0.

Capital: Nouakchott.

Industries: - the diversity of its mineral wealth of iron, copper, gypsum, phosphate and other, Mauritania is one of the important countries in the field of maritime fishing.

Language: - English is the official language by the Mauritanian constitution, although French is the dominant language in government circles, few English-proliferation. Spanish is less widespread than that, Hassaniya, Pulaar, Soninke, Alolovih, tone Aznak, Albembaria.

Population: - 3,359,185 people (2012).

Labor force: - 1,318 million (2007).
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