Abu Dhabi, Royal Jet’s Boeing Business Jet medevac equipped and manned aircraft evacuated 31 Chinese workers to China injured in explosions in the Republic of Congo last night.

Landing in China after a 16-hour flight from Maya Maya Airport in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, after a stop in Abu Dhabi to refuel and crew change. The flight was received at Beijing Airport by Vice Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng and other senior officials.

The Republic of Congo government stated, the blasts were caused by an electrical short circuit at an arms depot in Brazzaville. It claimed more than 200 lives and over 1,500 injured. Six Chinese workers out of about 140 who were working at a nearby construction site died in the incident.

Royal Jet President and Chief Executive Officer Shane O’Hare said “This is a record achievement for Royal Jet under extremely difficult circumstances.
“This is the first time we have evacuated 31 patients on one aircraft. All the injured were medically assessed to ensure that they could undergo the long-distance flight”

Dr. Ibrahim Soto, Royal Jet’s Medevac Medical Director who was on-board the evacuation flight said:  “We had a total of 31 patients, four of them in a critical condition. As our medical team arrived in Brazzaville, we initially spent 15 hours stabilizing the patients before accommodating all of them safely in our aircraft.

“We handed over all patients in stable condition last night, and we were received by high officials of the Chinese government who were very impressed with our work,”

According to Royal Jet, the medevac unit was among its best performing business units for the operator in 2011, flying 192 missions with 309 patients.

“Our fleet of Gulfstream, Learjet and Boeing Business Jet aircraft, based in Abu Dhabi, allows us to cover the globe and tailor each mission to the patient’s medical needs along with our own specialist and highly trained medical team,” O’Hare said. “We are proud to have played our part in repatriating these injured workers.”

Source:  Royal Jet