Abu Dhabi, Royal Jet announced due to the  executive jet operator's increase in medevac missions in 2011 as compared with the previous year. It has taken steps aimed at providing additional capacity and flexibility ensuring aircraft availability for its medevac services.

“Being one of only a few Medevac-operators worldwide that cover the full range of cabin sizes , Royal Jet has clearly established its leadership role in the air ambulance market,” said Shane O’Hare, President and CEO of Royal Jet. “More importantly, the fact that Royal Jet owns its own fleet of aircraft which can easily and readily converted into air ambulances based on requirement as well as being manned and operated by our very own in-house team of highly trained medical professionals, we provide the market and our customers with a high level of confidence about our reliability and dependability to undertake such tasks.

“Indeed, having performed over 1310 missions, Royal Jet continues to be the most successful Medevac operator with strong year-on-year growth and with the largest number of patient transfers,” he added.

All of Royal Jet’s Air Ambulances are equipped with the onboard medical equipment and technologies including an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), ventilators, and even incubators for neo-natal requirements. Manned and operated by an in-house medical team consisting of a doctor and a paramedic, Royal Jet’s Medevac missions provide bed-to-bed service starting from any medical facility where a patient may be coming from to the next medical facility or hospital that the patient is destined to go to.

While most of Royal Jet’s Medevac missions begin or end in the UAE, it has also carried out a number of missions from or to various cities in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. Additionally, conducted a significant number of medevac missions from high risk areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since inception, Royal Jet’s medevac service has been created with an objective of transporting patients with any type of condition, including those who may be critically ill and require the utmost medical support and attention.

The entire process commence with the Royal Jet medevac team coordinating  the  pre-flight assessment of the patient followed by necessary equipment deployment, ground transportation and in-flight medical care. Each of Royal Jet medevac mission is customized for and applicable to the patients’ medical needs.

Source:  Royal Jet