On the 28th. of February 2013 the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority Investigation Committee issued the Final Report regarding the accident occurred on the 12th. of May 2010 to our Air bus A-330 aircraft, registration 5A-ONG performing Flight 8U-771 whilst on final approach to Tripoli International Airport, coming from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Afriqiyah Airways (AAW) takes this opportunity to extend its thanks and appreciation to the Investigating Committee and those who assisted the investigation, both locally and overseas, for the publication of the Report given the difficult circumstances in Libya.

We would like to pay tribute to the memory of all the passengers, and our hearts go out to the survivor and to the other passengers’ families. We also remember our AAW colleagues who were lost. We pray to ALLAH that their souls all rest in peace.

Immediately after the accident AAW responded to assist the passengers' families. Subsequently, AAW with their insurers have reached appropriate financial settlements with the families.

By reference to the Final Report's analysis, conclusions and recommendations, AAW would like to note the following:

The report shows and AAW acknowledge that this accident, as with most accidents, was the culmination of various contributory factors of greater or lesser significance, which increased the work load on the flight crew leading to the accident.

Since the 17th. of  February Revolution, AAW has continued its policy of developing and upgrading its operations to enhance passenger safety. Prior to the publication of the Report, AAW had already taken the following steps which respond to most of its recommendations:

- Auditing the maintenance programmes; enhancing  the pilot training programmes (for these purposes AAW has contracted with Sabena Technics and Lufthansa).

- Increased technical monitoring of flight crews by analysis of flight data  (Air FASE).

- Notwithstanding that prior to the accident the rest periods for flight crew adhered to the legal limits, these have been increased and flying hours reduced to address issues of fatigue.

- An agreement is in place with Lufthansa Consulting the purpose of which is for the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of AAW’s different operations.

- Centralization of the medical certification process.

- Contracting foreign pilots to assist in enhancing the safety culture and its reporting system.

AAW believes that it responded to the accident in a positive manner and, be assured, it will continue to do so.

Afriqiyah Airways

Tripoli, the 12th. March,2013