Amman, Royal Jordanian will transfer all its departing and arriving flights to the new terminal at Queen Alia International Airport, starting with March 21, 2013. His Majesty King Abdullah II inaugurate, it on March 14. 

Royal Jordanian announced to receive its passengers at the new terminal, along with the passengers of all airlines operating at the airport. Royal Jordanian operates more than 100 flights daily, making up 60% of the traffic at the airport.  

The new terminal was built on over 103,000 square meters, double the area of the old terminal. Increasing Queen Alia International Airport's capacity from 3.5 million to 9 million passengers per year, with plans to increase the capacity even further, to 12 million passengers per year in the final stage.  

Amer Hadidi, Royal Jordanian's president and chief executive officer said that this big Jordanian achievement is a milestone for the country and one of the accomplishments of His Majesty King Abdullah’s vision to make Jordan a distinguished gateway for tourists and investors in the Middle East.  Hadidi stressed that this accomplishment is a source of pride, fundamental to RJ’s operations and keenness to improve services. He said that the additional logistical capabilities of the new terminal are bound to give Royal Jordanian more opportunities to serve a higher number of passengers and operate more flights. 

One significant feature at the new terminal is the complete separation of arrivals and departures. The upper floor, which contains 64 check-in counters, serves departing passengers, whereas the lower floor is dedicated to arriving passengers who receive their luggage on six conveyor belts.  

The new terminal will operate eight new gates; phase two will follow with four new gates, until it operates a total of twenty five gates in the final stage, in line with international standards, which require one gate for each half a million passengers.