Amman, Royal Jordanian Airlines announced it will increase its operations to Libyan destinations to 15 weekly flights, in response to growing air travel demand between the two counties, according to the Amman based airline.
Royal Jordanian Airlines added three regular flights between Amman and Tripoli, as of February 9, 2013, increasing its overall operation to Tripoli to 10 weekly from one daily. The service between Amman and Misrata increased from 1 to 2 weekly, starting February 6, 2013. The airline operates three weekly flights to Benghazi.

Demand is generated from Libyans who seek medical care in Jordan, and from passengers traveling from the Gulf region to Libya through Amman as transit.

Royal Jordanian Airlines will operate its service to Misrata on Tuesdays and Fridays. Departure from Amman will be at 11:30 am and arrival in Misrata at 13:20 pm. The return flight, from Misrata, is at 14:45 pm, and arrival to Amman at 19:45 pm.

Royal Jordanian Airlines will operate the additional three flights to Tripoli on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The plane will depart from Amman at 07:00 am and arrive Tripoli at 09:05 am; it will depart Tripoli at 09:55 am and arrive in Amman at 15:15 pm. The remaining seven flights are as the current scheduled, with no change.